Up-n-Down update coming soon

The version 1.2 is currently in process. To-do list:

  1. New featured blocks:
    • BigFinger – increase a radius of tap for 10 seconds (done)
    • Burst – all bubbles on a screen are blown out simultaneously (done)
    • Slowpok – speed of bubbles decreases down to level 1 for 10 seconds (done)
    • Stone – large stone, destroying all blocks and bubbles below (done)
    • Laser – make a laser well killing all bubbles and blocks (done)
    • DeathScull – do not tap on it – it makes gray all block in air (done)
  2. Air blowing devices – when tapped make a blow of air kicking bubbles to lateral direction (done)
  3. Top list – scores of games will be saved in the website
  4. Achievements – the list still in process.

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