Up-n-Down Is a Fun and Relaxing Android Game

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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Up-n-Down is a casual Android game that’s fun, easy to pick up and play and surprisingly addictive.
Developed by CasualCode Studio, this free arcade game is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something to help pass time.

Concept and Functionality

No matter what kind of games you like to play, sometimes it’s fun to choose something that doesn’t require a lot of investment.
Up-n-Down is very much a relaxing because you’re not really trying to beat the clock or climb to the top of the leaderboards as fast as you can.
In order to play Up-n-Down you have to burst bubbles that rise from the bottom of the screen. As the bubbles rise to the top of the screen, they change colors. Similar to Tetris, the goal of the game is to match similar colors together in order to make them disappear.
The cool thing about Up-n-Down is that each color represents a different score that you can achieve. Blue is the lowest score and red is the highest.
The risky part about trying to go for red is that the bubble must be very close to the top of the screen and you risk missing it and not getting any colors at all.


My favorite thing about Up-n-Down is that it offers two modes for players to enjoy. If you’re feeling competitive, you can play arcade mode.
This is where speed gradually increases and your score actually matters. The second mode, appropriately called relax mode, doesn’t count your score and is endless.
Up-n-Down has a few gameplay tricks up its sleeve, too.
If you find yourself in a bind with too many dead blocks at the bottom of the board, you can choose to activate a bomb which will destroy pretty much everything it gets close to.
Up-n-Down is available to download from Google Play for free and doesn’t include in-app purchases or advertisements.
Overall, this is a fantastic arcade game that is both lightweight and fun to play. You don’t have to worry about mastering anything or being the absolute best.
Up-n-Down requires Android 2.3+.

Up-n-Down Is a Fun and Relaxing Android Game

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